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Shoppin It


Walmart’s brand problem is the audience sees Walmart as the cheap shopping store. There is a huge selection of products making it overwhelming for shoppers. Walmart current has a higher E-commerce sales than in-store sales. So how do we get this audience to visit their local Walmart? The answer is Pinterest.

Using open data Walmart and Pinterest are creating a unique shopping experience for their customers. Users can shop their “pins” at their Walmart store that currently have items they need to make their pin a reality. The Walmart app will have the items downloaded to their device and shoppers will be able to find each item in store, at checkout if a shopper buys all items and correlating brands on their pin list they will get a discount. The desired outcome is increase in Walmart in-store purchases and cross department sales.

Target Audience

Men and Women 18-24

Key Message

Make your pins possible


Enjoys Pinterest but doesn’t follow through with making the pins.

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