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PagePlay App

What if you could act out your favorite adventure book? Discover PagePlay, where stories come to life. PagePlay, an interactive audiobook, brings your favorite stories to life through physical play.

The app uses the built-in gyroscope technology in smartphones to register movement that physically engages and prompts them to participate in the events of a story. The app challenges children to use their environment and their imagination to perform various levels of physical movements while keeping their minds focused on a task. Completing a story will unlock new stories. Promotional posters with QR code technology will be placed in libraries, schools, parks and playgrounds where children can take a picture and instantly acquire the app. Each poster will have a different story a child can instantly play through.

Target Audience

Children ages 6-17.

Key Message

Have fun by being part of a story.


Kids have interest in using mobile apps or other video games with little motivation to get outside and move in physical activity. PagePlay bridges the gap between physical play and interactive technology.

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