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Kroger: Dirt Bags


The question: "How do you get people to compost?"

The answer: Trade out plastic bags for compostable bags. Dirt Bags are labeled with simple instructions on what and how to compost. The Dirt Bag will replace ALL plastic bags in Kroger stores.

Dirt Bags will be advertised in-store and in weekly ads. The Kroger app will show urban gardens and other drop-off locations accepting Dirt Bags. Kroger Dirt Bags are an opportunity to "be green" as many competitors have successfully taken environmental initiative .

Target Audience

Men and Women 24-35

Key Message

Dirt Bags make composting easy.


Millennials are "being green" starting recycling and composting habits.

When given the tools composting can be easy.

Art Director: Jennie Jarzabek // Copywriter: Rachel Hornay

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