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Nook Glowlight


The Nook Glowlight is the only E-reader of its kind that doesn't feel like an E-reader. It feels like a book.

Thus, the Nook Glowlight is only for serious readers. Extreme readers. They’ve read more books than you’ll ever read. Sure, they may be an older demographic, but they’re probably smarter than you.

Throughout the campaign the tagline Carpe Librum is never defined; because our intended audience already knows what it means. The campaign's tone is sarcastic, witty and confident; just like the extreme readers that buy the Nook Glowlight.

Target Audience

Bookworms 40+

Key Message

Carpe Librum (cease the book)


Reading isn't a hobby it's a lifestyle.

Nook is for extreme readers only.

Art Director and Copywriter: Rachel Hornay // Chelsea Benniger

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