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Petsmart is a website dedicated to pointing out when a pet has done something bad, but is it really the pets fault? Flipping pet-shaming on its head to make us (the pet owners) the guilty party when our pets act up. Maybe, if the owner shopped at Petsmart the pet wouldn’t have acted out in the first place.

The #humanshaming campaign focuses on print ads. An in-store experience will encourage Petsmart shoppers to cut out a page from the weekly ad and share their human shame, wear it in store or take a photo in the "Booth of Shame" for extra discounts at check out. A guerilla marketing stunt uses open data to target Petsmart shoppers in other stores and prints coupons on the back of receipts for select purchase (like a Belk chair your pet may like just as much as you).

Target Audience

Men and Women 18-30 with furry children

Key Message

Don't get shamed. Shop smart.


Art Director and Copywriter: Rachel Hornay // Chelsea Benniger

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